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Penpot is now Beta!

If you love it, your team will love it.

Penpot is now available in the beta version!
We're so glad to label our app as beta.
We’re ready to move towards our next goals, since we can now offer a solid tool that will allow you and your team to design and work together from beginning to end.

It’s Open Source. It’s free.

Check out Penpot BETA! It's free
Penpot is now Beta!

Why do we move to beta now?

Believe, love, joy… these are words that keep popping up in our minds while we’re developing Penpot.

Since its public launch in February 2021, Penpot capabilities and benefits have grown at an astonishing fast rate. For the past few weeks we constantly came back to one recurring question: Is Penpot really an alpha product anymore?

We went through key aspects such as stability “check”, features “check”, adoption “check!” and a serious SaaS robust offering “megacheck!”

Also, we saw amazing validation from the community as a whole (take a look at our Github).

Our latest release became the de-facto tipping point. The combination of core features, maturity, stability and how comfortable teams seem to be while using it made the trick.

So we feel it's only fair that we ditch the Alpha tag and welcome the Beta one!

Ready to work

Design and prototyping from start to end

Design and prototyping from start to end

Used by tens of thousands of professionals, Penpot is now a tool perfectly suited for your design work needs.

Design and prototyping from start to end

Trusted and robust

Our software offers the stability needed to work at a professional level. As part of Kaleidos Open Source, we’re backed by the experience and commitment to Open Source software that brought Taiga to life, our agile project management tool.

Design and prototyping from start to end

For designers and developers

Penpot gives freedom to teams through the use of the web standard SVG format. The design is the code and our native SVG file format will make your designs future-proof.

Penpot in figures

Since we launched, in Feb 2021, we’ve gone from 25 to 25k+ users on SaaS, plus as many via hundreds of privately hosted Penpot instances.

+1000solved Github issues

And why Penpot?

There are four key elements that make Penpot different from other design and prototyping tools:

  • 1. Penpot is Open Source. This is a game-changer for the design and prototype world. It means you can trust your designs are your own. There’s no limit when you enjoy technology sovereignty.
  • 2. We use SVG. We are the only platform that enables full compatibility with other vectorial tools. Developers will love the fact that the design is the code and designers will no longer suffer from “lost in translation” issues due to proprietary formats. The fact that we don’t go for yet another proprietary format is a breath of fresh air!
  • 3. Our focus is on cross-domain teams. Penpot aims to deliver the perfect tool for visual designers that is wholeheartedly embraced by developers too. We encourage designers and developers to use it professionally!
  • 4. Our app is browser orientated. No platform dependencies. Penpot requires a browser, that’s it. But if you prefer to host your own Penpot instance, that’s fine too! And remember, you get real-time collaboration out of the box!
  • There is a theme here. Universal access.

What about the pricing?

We get this question asked many times and quite a number of these enquiries demand that we have a sustainable plan to make Penpot a serious challenger to the design status quo. Beta is not the right time to set up any pricing, it’s the time to continue to develop amazing features. Some will resemble what others have inspired us but many will come as fresh additions to the design and prototyping arena.

We need to keep focusing on the product and the community around it and that demands every bit of bandwidth our team can offer. Of course, we haven’t come this far to put everything at risk because we suddenly discover that we have no sustainable plan, it’s just something not relevant now. We need to prove many other things to ourselves before we can ask for any money from anyone.

Finally… Looking at the future!

First of all, we’d like to send a big thank-you to the community because all those who have spent time improving Penpot and supporting us as a team have been an outstanding driving force for us.

We're going to keep adding exciting features and capabilities to Penpot and, at the same time, making sure the community can build on top of Penpot, whether it’s contributions to the core product, plugins or amazing content that can be reused and shared globally.

As a token of the latter, please check our new ‘Templates’ section where we are showcasing wonderful ready-to-use Penpot designs that you one-click-import into your Penpot workspace! Some come from the Penpot team but others are contributions coming directly from the community, like you!