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Extend Penpot’s capabilities, integrate it into your DesignOps or GitOps workflows, and take design and code collaboration to the next level.
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Options to integrate Penpot in your workflow


Open API

Get extensive access to objects and properties to enable external rendering, workflow automation, enhanced app functionality, and more.
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Design from the web and for the web

Extra! Workflow integrations

Access tokens

Use access tokens as an alternative login authentication. They can allow an app to access Penpot's API.


Outbound webhooks are event calls from Penpot to other applications. They notify that some event occurred, e.g. a file has been created or updated, a comment has been added, etc.

Plugins / Addons

Our plugin architecture will bring the flexibility that devs need to create and publish their own custom extensions. Coming soon!

Integration examples

Penpot Export

Export your design tokens from Penpot into ready-to-use code or parseable data files.
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A framework for websites

Integrate Penpot as a framework to build e-commerce websites.
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How to integrate

Find out how you can integrate your tools with Penpot on this demo video.
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