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Better Together: Design and Code.

Unite design and development in one workflow. Level up your multiplayer experience with seamless collaboration.
Penpot, design freedom for teams

Goodbye handoffs. Sayonara silos. Au revoir compromises.

Designers and developers use the same tool
Dev and design processesalign
Designs embrace code standards
Developers ship faster
Design scales up true to vision
Less frustration, more joy

Invite with no limits for true collaboration

code standards

No handoffs

Bringing code standards natively to design capabilities means no more back and forth between designers and developers.
Design from the web and for the web
Design from the web and for the web

Code matches design

Forget about "exporting", "generating" or "outputting" code from designs. Simply "inspect".

All design conversations in one tool

From whiteboarding to high-res UI work, we built Penpot for everyone on the team, not just designers.
Design from the web and for the web
Design from the web and for the web

API-based customization

Integrate Penpot into your dev workflow with our API and access tokens. Decide whether to go SaaS or self-host.

No limits to team size

True collaboration demands universal access. Loop in all necessary stakeholders without worrying about cost.
Design from the web and for the web
Design from the web and for the web

Design Systems

Build your own libraries, share them across your organization to control design at scale. Reuse libraries & templates from our Community.

Unlimited teams and invitations

Our vibrant community champions open design-and-code collaboration.

Libraries & Templates

Create, share or download a wide range of templates or libraries. Use them in your Penpot projects.
Our vibrant community champions open design-and-code collaboration.


Help each other with code contributions, design templates, translations, new feature ideas and more.

Penpot Fest

The conference where designers and developers come together to create a collaboration without constraints.

Teams and projects

Setup as many teams and projects as you want. Manage invitations and users role & permissions.
Technical guide

Share your work

Make part or all of your work accessible beyond your team and get valuable feedback.
Contributing guide

What they say about design-code collaboration in Penpot

You should not learn apps, you should learn workflows and open standards. You just design and the developer can just copy the HTML and paste where necessary. Pair that with Git and you have an organism that works in perfect harmony.
Valery Chutak
Building a design tool on top of web & dev standards is super clever. @penpotapp Imagine autolayout behaving like css flexbox and no more design & dev back and forth. 🪄🤹 Instead of re inventing a workaround aka your own feature why not using all these open standards. Chef💋
Sil Bormüeler
I tested a new grid functionality yesterday. I like how it keeps me as a designer "honest" with laying out items so that they work with a real CSS grid. This will really help design-development collaboration go much smoother.
Roxanne G.

Designers and Developers love Penpot

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