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The open-source design tool that speaks real code

Built-in CSS and SVG means developers integrate design deeply into their workflow.
Penpot, design freedom for teams

Connect design and code at scale


Designed for developers

Penpot was built from day one to serve both designers and developers and create a seamless design-code process. Enjoy real-time collaboration or play "solo".
Design from the web and for the web
Design from the web and for the web

Inspect mode

Work with ready-to-use code and make your workflow easy and fast. The inspect tab gives instant access to SVG, CSS and HTML code.

Self host your own instance

Use Penpot's cloud service or deploy your own Penpot server. Provide your team or organisation with a completely owned collaborative design tool.
Self-host install
Design from the web and for the web
Design from the web and for the web


Penpot supports webhooks and an API through access tokens. Enjoy total flexibility integrating Penpot into your development toolchain. Be ready for a future Plugin system so you can freely create on top of Penpot too!
Integration guide

Shared design libraries

Build your own design libraries and reuse them across your projects or benefit from the dozens of community contributed libraries.
Visit Libraries & Templates page.
Design from the web and for the web
Design from the web and for the web

Design systems

Borrow from the best software architecture practices. Encapsulate design elements into components and tokens that allow extreme reusability and scalability of your design work.

Interactive prototyping

Create realistic user flows and interactions. Collect feedback from stakeholders in a single, centralized conversation.
Design from the web and for the web

Discover more features

Share your work

Share any piece of work with other users. You decide whether they can suggest changes or not.

Multi-language UI

Choose among over 30 different languages (RTL supported) and use Penpot in your own language.

Unlimited teams and projects

With unlimited projects, scale up your work and organization.
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From beautiful code comes a beautiful tool

Our vibrant community champions open design-and-code collaboration.

Your Penpot, your rules

Learn how to setup your custom Penpot installation in no time, whether it's a glorified localhost or a company's instance.
Technical guide

Hack along with us!

Tinker with Penpot and suggest new ideas, send code contributions or produce libraries and templates.
Contributing guide

What developers say about Penpot

Our vibrant community champions open design-and-code collaboration.
Oh my gosh - I love it. The controls felt very intuitive to me - way more intuitive! They map nicely to the mental models of actual CSS. I LOVE the wrapping options as well - so much more dynamic than I thought it ever would be! I also really appreciate how developer-friendly this is, so hand-off becomes simple!
Brett Haymaker
The fact that you can build layouts using flexbox is so practical. It takes away this weird layer of abstraction that exists with other tools, which needs to be "deconstructed" to some extent during implementation.
Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Penpot using the same abstractions as developers - CSS flexbox and grid - could be a huge game changer for front-end developement.
Steve O'Brien

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