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Penpot, design freedom for teams

Self-host Penpot

Penpot is the only design & prototype platform that is deployment agnostic. You can use it or deploy it anywhere.
Embracing Self-Hosting Deployments for Software Development
For too long, a critical piece of the software development pipeline has been available solely via pricey proprietary browser-based subscriptions or Mac-only desktop apps.
Penpot offers total freedom through self-hosted deployments. Leverage your own security and backup policies. Extend and customize your Penpot server to meet your specific needs.


Penpot doesn't monetize your data. This will never be our business model. You are free to host Penpot and your data yourself and to choose who has access to it.


You might need to entrust your own people to deploy and run the Penpot service and take care of availability, backups, and security issues. That's fine by us!


You might have some particular needs and want to customize or extend Penpot, connect it to other services you use. Feel free to hack into Penpot!

There is absolutely no difference between our SaaS offer for Penpot and your self-hosted Penpot platform.

Most common install options



Elestio is a point-and-click solution, with prebuilt packages, to deploy and manage a set of open source applications on your designated hosting provider. With it, you can set up an instance of Penpot in just 3 minutes!

Self-host with Elestio
Just setup my own personal @penpotapp instance on @elest_io. It was just a few clicks and I have my own server that should only cost me a few dollars/month. With cost/complexity so low, I'm greedily rubbing my hands together to figure out what ELSE I can host myself...
Scott Jenson


Docker is an industry standard system for creating a kind of virtual machines inside a computer (the so-called "containers") and installing software inside them. With a single command you can instruct Docker to raise one or more containers, set up applications and dependencies, and configure it.

Self-host with Docker
I have installed it on my custom server and it works like a charm! Penpot is not just 'free' as in free beer most important free as in Freedom 🎉
Fabio Rotondo

Unofficial options

not supported by Penpot

Penpot Desktop App

Under development

Manual installation

For help, you can look at the Architecture section and the Docker configuration files.