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We love our community!
As a designer making contributions to open source projects, Penpot is an attractive choice for a design tool that's hard to match up to.
This is the best my eyes have seen in a long time. It's beautiful. A tool like this, solid and complete, was necessary.
John Doe
All I wanted from Penpot was figma parity, but now if they can pull off these features at any sort of quality, it's going to be incredible.
Ian Parr
You should not learn apps, you should learn workflows and open standards. You just design and the developer can just copy the HTML and paste where necessary. Pair that with Git and you have an organism that works in perfect harmony.
Valery Chutak
Finally!! Bye bye Figma and Adobe. It' feels amazing to get to use an open source alternative now! Thank you Penpot team for the amazing work!
Paul Yatim
Congrats to Penpot. This is a ground break endavour of design, UX, UI, code, open source and web standards culminating into one app!
Xavier Paul
I tested a new grid functionality yesterday. I like how it keeps me as a designer "honest" with laying out items so that they work with a real CSS grid. This will really help design-development collaboration go much smoother.
Roxanne G.
I'm a teacher in a school of art and design and Penpot 2.0 is exactly the tool I need to reach them code.
ماتيو كلافيه
I wanted to give @penpotapp a try for my product team and self-host it, and I’m honestly amazed at what the team has done to make this platform accessible. Such a game changer for open source design. Viva, open source and Penpot!
Angela Oduor
Building a design tool on top of web & dev standards is super clever. @penpotapp Imagine autolayout behaving like css flexbox and no more design & dev back and forth. 🪄🤹 Instead of re inventing a workaround aka your own feature why not using all these open standards. Chef💋
Sil Bormüller
I'm blown away. You out did yourselves.
this web lab
Thank you very much. Finally a good alternative to FIGMA ;) I'm really thrilled, keep up the good work!
John Doe
The future will be in Penpot because they listen to their community.
Ahmed Madhoun
Yesterday I showed Penpot to my project manager for our new project, he really like it, we are already working with it. I love when open source software is way better than other options!
Jhon Delgado
I have installed it on my custom server and it works like a charm! Penpot is not just 'free' as in free beer most important free as in Freedom 🎉
Fabio Rotondo
Amazing work, this is a huge release that brings Penpot to another level!
Louis Chance
Penpot using the same abstractions as developers - CSS flexbox and grid - could be a huge game changer for front-end developement.
Steve O'Brien
Fantastic! I am very hyped to see your journey continue. Thank you for your hard work, and keep being awesome! 💕
Exciting time for the open source community. Congratulations! Love what you've done with components and layouts.
Emmanuel Akujobi
Penpot is an unbelievably good experience. It's so easy to use and it's also FOSS! Just phenomenally good all around.
Sean Tilley
I think it is hard to overstate how impressive this is. While it aims to be well integrated in tech workflows, it is a product that allows designers to work well, with a nice, usable and useful UI. Penpot is a product with a clear vision and great utility.
Jan Dittrich
Penpot has brought the perks of open source conventionally enjoyed by developers to designers.
Cate Lawrence
That's what I call the tool of future designers.
You can replace Figma with @penpotapp today. It's a drop in replacement with a very bright future.
Kristijan Žic
This app is so freakin' nice. And open source? Self-hostable? What on earth! ✨
Michael Gale
Using Grid in Penpot will be so much nicer than using flexes imitating a grid - where I have to update multiple object widths at one time.
Garrett LeSage
Oh my gosh - I love it. The controls felt very intuitive to me - way more intuitive! They map nicely to the mental models of actual CSS. I LOVE the wrapping options as well - so much more dynamic than I thought it ever would be! I also really appreciate how developer-friendly this is, so hand-off becomes simple!
Brett Haymaker
Penpot is really promising to become the future of design! A must try!
Irfan Kurnia
As a freelancer, the anxiety of not having ownership of my work if there's a pricing or storage paln change at Figma is real. Having another option on the horizon is giving me life.
12 past midnight
Penpot is on its way to become the next Best Product Design tool. If you haven't tried it yet, you should.
I design, but also code. There is definitely something to be said about following standard web behaviours. I love it.
The project is full of promise and offers an outstanding alternative to other similar tools. The close parallels/aligment between design and code are gratifying about the work and the resulting desings. This project has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach design.
Anton P.
Penpot is taking great approach in teaching designers code by using native CSS language.
We may finally kill the cluttered list of tools that each team has chosen over the years – #AdobeXD, #Figma, #Axure, #Sketch – giving us a shared library of assets and true collaboration.
The updates coming out for Penpot are insane, especially as I am a designer and developer. The Grid and Flex layouts look amazing.
Suleiman Leadbitter
I just tried Penpot and WOW, the flex and grid layouts are so much more intuitive than how Figma handles layouts.
Thanks! It's pretty cool to see how Penpot is structured, and to know that one can both learn from it and contribute!
Georgios Kondylis
I'm loving flexbox and especially the ability to wrap things! And now grids too?!
Maria Karava
H*ly shit, actual Flexbox with grid layout. Time to switch.
Bravo on the flex features! Wow! This might be the thing that gets me to switch from XD.
Block Sonic
Just setup my own personal @penpotapp instance on @elest_io. It was just a few clicks and I have my own server that should only cost me a few dollars/month. With cost/complexity so low, I'm greedily rubbing my hands together to figure out what ELSE I can host myself...
Scott Jenson
Played with @penpotapp for a day or so and honestly think it replaces Figma for almost everything I use it for. Open source and self-hostable = 😻
Penpot has brought the perks of open source conventionally enjoyed by developers to designers.
Cate Lawrence

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