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Penpot, design freedom for teams

Our plans to make Penpot a successful and sustainable project

It's a fact that building a platform such as Penpot requires outstanding talent, clear vision and focus. On top of this, we also have a sense of urgency. We know we need to act fast, there's too much at stake for design and code collaboration.

This means we need an amazing team and we need it now.

Penpot, design freedom for teams

A couple of years back, we were able to kickstart the project thanks to our previous business activities, personal savings and help from amazing angels and aligned investors.

How to turn this open-source project into a successful open-source company without resorting to an open-core business model? How to do all this while still prioritizing our Community needs and aspirations?

We'll ensure all Penpot features remain free for every user. Feature management within organizations will be handled by our upcoming, separate paid restriction management software.

Other simpler paid tiers might include storage-based thresholds for our SaaS or Enterprise-ready certified builds for self-host.

Our plan is to roll out a first iteration of these paid tiers by 2025 Q1. If your organisation would be interested in knowing more about this or want to actively participate in the roadmap discussions, contact

We stand committed to providing a no-conflict-of-interest open-source product for our Community while building a fast-paced and successful company. For all of us at Penpot, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

As a community member, we invite you to join this open conversation.

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