UXBOX is now Penpot

We’re excited to share that UXBOX is now Penpot! We’re changing the name, but keeping the same project spirit. Stay in the loop for more news coming early 2021. The alpha release is close!

Since we started we’ve made it our mission to make design and prototyping be embraced by cross-domain teams from anywhere as simple as possible. We've come a long way since 2015, when we did our first commit on our week-long hackaton at Kaleidos (Piweek). Last year we made our dreams come true by raising enough money to assemble an amazing team to focus on our main goals: bring the whole team to the design process and fill the gap that open-source designers are suffering.

New logo

One of the core values on Kaleidos is open source which means creating and collaborating on OS projects but also working with OS tools. There are plenty and powerful options for developers but not a proper OS design and prototyping tool at profesional level. As a result, we have created a professional design platform built for the community and empowered by the community.

Because of this process, we need a new brand that fits better. In the beginning, UXBOX sounded really good to us, not only as a code name. It represents all the concept ideas we had in mind these days but starts to be deprecated as quickly as we define and develop the platform. The project needs a trademarkable and less-confusing brand to open it to the world in early 2021.

That’s why we are introducing Penpot. A new brand name and visual profile that preserves the UXBOX basics (including the logotype icon) but improves at completing and representing our values, brand voice, and visual guidelines for all brand communications. Our new name Penpot meaning goes beyond the graphic representation. It simply conveys that it is a design tool, but there is much more.


As you could imagine we get into a long and complicated branding process. Our team and stakeholders participate in different meetings like brainstorming, archetypes workshops, visual proposals validations, tone of voice definitions, … But that’s another story. The important thing is that we found Penpot as the perfect naming and create a visual identity that fits it. Penpot was the final candidate because of many things like:


It is easy to say and write it in most languages (even though it won’t have a meaning in all languages).

Easy to memorize

Once you hear it is easy to remember. How it sounds as you pronounce it is really important. Two beats starting with the same letter “PEN”- “POT”.


Penpot gives an idea of what kind of tool it is. Once you’re using it, the environment widens and takes on more meaning. It will surprise you!


We obviously wanted to avoid legal trouble in the future. So it would have to be a name that we could get a trademark registered for in most countries and with no other existing registrations that could be problematic. And to be honest we're more Playstation people :)

Domain availability

As a web-based online tool, this is mandatory. However, finding a name that has an available .com domain is incredibly hard! But we find “penpot.app” really cool :)

Friendly and positive

Penpot is an inclusive and flexible tool for the interface design ecosystem thanks to its cross-domain and community. Our name had to be something that could embody this.

Is anything else changing that I should know about?

By now the only changes you could notice besides the new branding are our new usernames in social networks (@penpot, ….) If you are already contributing to the project will see that the Github repository has changed the name but that's all, it should work without problems.