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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

1.4.0 Alpha - Sweet release o'mine

New Features

  • Add blob-encoding v3 (uses ZSTD+transit) #738
  • Add http caching layer on top of Query RPC.
  • Add layer opacity and blend mode to shapes Taiga #937
  • Add more chinese translations #726
  • Add native support for text-direction (RTL, LTR & auto).
  • Add several enhancements in shape selection Taiga #1195
  • Add thumbnail in memory caching mechanism.
  • Add turkish translation strings #759, #794
  • Duplicate and move files and projects Taiga #267
  • Hide viewer navbar on fullscreen Taiga #1375
  • Import SVG will create Penpot's shapes Taiga #1006
  • Improve french translations #731
  • Reimplement workspace presence (remove database state).
  • Remember last visited team when you re-enter the application Taiga #1376
  • Rename artboard with double click on the title Taiga #1392
  • Replace Slate-Editor with DraftJS Taiga #1346
  • Set proper page title Taiga #1377
Blend modes feature

Bugs fixed

  • Disable buttons in view mode for users without permissions Taiga #1328
  • Fix broken profile and profile options form.
  • Fix calculate size of some animated gifs Taiga #1487
  • Fix error with the "Navigate to" button on prototypes Taiga #1268
  • Fix issue when undo after changing the artboard of a shape Taiga #1304
  • Fix issue with Alt key in distance measurement #672
  • Fix issue with blending modes in masks Taiga #1476
  • Fix issue with blocked shapes Taiga #1480
  • Fix issue with comments styles on dashboard Taiga #1405
  • Fix issue with default square grid Taiga #1344
  • Fix issue with enter key shortcut #775
  • Fix issue with enter to edit paths Taiga #1481
  • Fix issue with mask and flip #715
  • Fix issue with masks interactions outside bounds #718
  • Fix issue with middle mouse button press moving the canvas when not moving mouse #717
  • Fix issue with resolved comments Taiga #1406
  • Fix issue with rotated blur Taiga #1370
  • Fix issue with rotation degree input #741
  • Fix issue with system shortcuts and application #737
  • Fix issue with team management in dashboard Taiga #1475
  • Fix issue with typographies panel cannot be collapsed #707
  • Fix text selection in comments #745
  • Update Work-Sans font #744
  • Fix issue with recent files not showing Taiga #1493
  • Fix issue when promoting to owner Taiga #1494
  • Fix cannot click on blocked elements in viewer Taiga #1430
  • Fix SVG not showing properties at code Taiga #1437
  • Fix shadows when exporting groups Taiga #1495
  • Fix drag-select when renaming layer text Taiga #1307
  • Fix layout problem for editable selects Taiga #1488
  • Fix artboard title wasn't move when resizing Taiga #1479
  • Fix titles in viewer thumbnails too long Taiga #1474
  • Fix when right click on a selected text shows artboard contextual menu Taiga #1226

Deps updates

  • Update backend to JDK16.
  • Update exporter nodejs to v14.16.0

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Monday, March 01, 2021

1.3.0 Alpha - Before the (alpha release) storm

New Features

  • Add emailcatcher and ldap test containers to devenv. #506
  • Add major refactor of internal pubsub/redis code; improves scalability and performance #640
  • Add more chinese transtions #687
  • Add more presets for artboard #654
  • Add optional loki integration #645
  • Add proper http session lifecycle handling.
  • Allow to set border radius of each rect corner individually
  • Bounce & Complaint handling #635
  • Disable groups interactions when holding "Ctrl" key (deep selection)
  • New action in context menu to "edit" some shapes (binded to key "Enter")
Border radius feature

Bugs fixed

  • Add more improvements to french translation strings #591
  • Add some missing database indexes (mainly improves performance on large databases on file-update rpc method, and some background tasks).
  • Disables filters in masking elements (problem with Firefox rendering)
  • Drawing tool will have priority over resize/rotate handlers Taiga #1225
  • Fix broken bounding box on editing paths Taiga #1254
  • Fix corner cases on invitation/signup flows.
  • Fix errors on onboarding file Taiga #1287
  • Fix infinite recursion on logout.
  • Fix issues with frame selection Taiga #1300, Taiga #1255
  • Fix local fonts error #691
  • Fix problem width handoff code generation Taiga #1204
  • Fix problem with indices refreshing on page changes #646
  • Have language change notification written in the new language Taiga #1205
  • Hide register screen when registration is disabled #598
  • Properly handle errors on github, gitlab and ldap auth backends.
  • Properly mark profile auth backend (on first register/ auth with 3rd party auth provider).
  • Refactor LDAP auth backend.

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Monday, February 15, 2021

1.2.0 Alpha - A love story between users and core team

New Features

  • Add horizontal/vertical flip
  • Add images lock proportions by default #541, #609
  • Add new blob storage format (Zstd+nippy)
  • Add user feedback form
  • Improve French translations
  • Improve component testing
  • Increase default deletion delay to 7 days
  • Show a pixel grid when zoom greater than 800% #519
  • Fix behavior of select all command when there are objects outside frames Taiga #1209
Flip feature

Bugs fixed

  • Fix 404 when access shared link #615
  • Fix 500 when requestion password reset
  • Fix Problems when transforming path shapes Taiga #1170
  • Fix apply a color to a text selection from color palette was not working Taiga #1189
  • Fix issues when moving shapes outside groups Taiga #1138
  • Fix ldap function called on login click
  • Fix logo icon in viewer should go to dashboard Taiga #1149
  • Fix ordering when restoring deleted shapes in sync Taiga #1163
  • Fix problem when editing text immediately after creating Taiga #1207
  • Fix problem when pasting URL's copied from the browser url bar Taiga #1187
  • Fix problem with multiple selection and groups Taiga #1128
  • Fix problem with red handler indicator on resize Taiga #1188
  • Fix show correct error when google auth is disabled Taiga #1119
  • Fix text alignment in preview #594
  • Fix unexpected exception when uploading image Taiga #1120
  • Fix updates on collaborative editing not updating selection rectangles Taiga #1127
  • Make the team deletion deferred (in the same way other objects)

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Thursday, February 4, 2021

1.1.0 Alpha

  • Bugfixing and stabilization post-launch
  • Some changes to the register flow
  • Improved MacOS shortcuts and helpers
  • Small changes to shape creation

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

1.0.0 Alpha

  • First alpha release of Penpot
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