What is Penpot?

Penpot is the first Open Source design and prototyping platform. Our goal? To be embraced by modern teams all around the world.

Facing challenges is our passion. Free software is our foundation and we believe that it is possible to make well designed products with potential and share them with the community.

Penpot (UXBOX project) was born in a Kaleidos’s personal innovation week (Piweek) back in 2015. The objective has always been the same since then, to create and share an online Open Source design tool for professional use.

Fortunately, today we have technologies that allow us to make a project like Penpot possible. Thanks to the web browsers evolution and the SVG standard we are able to face all these challenges.

The Open Source design environment has improved over time but is still in an early state. With Penpot we want to support this movement creating a tool that unifies all roles within a team. From design to marketing going through all stages of development, we are going to fundamentally change the project lifecycle.

We want to share our experience in digital product design with all of you. We all have a lot to offer and learn with each other. We can build up together a better community of designers around the world.

We are currently at an exciting stage in the development of Penpot. We are very proud of our first alpha version and we are following our project plan. You can follow the project progress in TAIGA and check our DD to see the functionalities we are working on. If you are interested in collaborating, you can do so from our GitHub. We will be delighted to receive proposals and feedback to continue improving. You can also follow us on Twitter, Mastodon and Instagram where we post our developer diaries.

For cross-domain teams
Open Source power
With love and Open Standards

The team

We love traveling, art, reading, music, role-playing games, ... but above all we are Open Source lovers. We work remotely, although many of us see each other on a daily basis. We love sharing our experiences with others. Learn and improve day by day and reflect these experiences in our work.


Our principles


Why not? We think that having a positive point of view makes us solve problems better.


See principle 1 ;)


To the point. Keeping it simple does not mean doing things without effort or quality.


Diversity and variety makes us stronger. Different opinions, people, cultures and backgrounds make us better every day.


What you see is what you get. No cheating. Communication is the basis of everything, not only as a team but also as a product.


Penpot is a reflection of our passion. We feel unstoppable.