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Design and code beautiful products. Together.

Penpot is the web-based open-source design tool that bridges the gap between designers and developers.

Goodbye "lost in translation" and hand-off drama

When designers and developers use different tools,
frustration sets in.
designers' vision gets lost,
collaboration suffers,

With Penpot, designers know their interfaces are already expressed as code.

Developers can then ship scale designs faster.
interface expressed as code in Penpot

Penpot is a powerful design tool

Scale your design process

Design & code collaboration for real

Penpot expresses designs natively as CSS, SVG and HTML. Developers feel right at home in the interface. The whole team enjoys one seamless workflow. No more handoffs.
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Open standards & Open Source

You fully own your work and your tool for any present or future projects, no matter your team size.
Scale your design process
Scale your design process

The flexibility of an API & webhooks

Whether you use the browser or your private instance, you can integrate Penpot with your existing dev toolchain.
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They love Penpot

Tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes proudly use Penpot, including many popular open-source projects.

NTT Data
Societe Generale
NYU College
Byte Dance
I wanted to give @penpotapp a try for my product team and self-host it, and I’m honestly amazed at what the team has done to make this platform accessible. Such a game changer for open source design. Viva, open source and Penpot!
Angela Oduor
Oh my gosh - I love it. The controls felt very intuitive to me - way more intuitive! They map nicely to the mental models of actual CSS. I LOVE the wrapping options as well. I also really appreciate how developer-friendly this is, so hand-off becomes simple!
Brett Haymaker
Building a design tool on top of web & dev standards is super clever. @penpotapp Imagine autolayout behaving like css flexbox and no more design & dev back and forth. 🪄🤹 Using all these open standards. Chef💋
Sil Bormüller

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Our vibrant community champions open design-and-code collaboration.

Libraries & Templates

Create, share or download a wide range of templates or libraries. Use them in your Penpot projects.
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We believe in open design and code collaboration.


Everyone is welcome to help each other with code & design ideas, libraries, templates, integrations, tutorials, and more.
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The conference where designers and developers come together to build a collaboration without constraints.
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